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  • 'How I work' by Paul Krugman  
    On the surface this presents some thoughts on how to be a good economist, but I think the advice here is much more broadly applicable -- in particular to cognitive psychology, where many of the same situations apply (e.g. the ubiquity of ultimately useless demonstrations of technical firepower).
  • 'Some modest advice for graduate students' by Stephen Stearns (Yale EEB)  
    On the surface this presents some wise (and refreshingly blunt) thoughts on how to be a begin a career in evolutionary biology, but much of the advice here is applicable to many fields, including cognitive psychology! (One key recommendation that I disagree with is the suggestion to first take a full year to read and think before starting a research project. The motivation for this is right -- you want to get a sense of the big picture, certainly, and not just begin by doing the next step in one of your advisor's grants, or extrapolating from previous research. But another key task for your first year is to figure out if you really like doing research, and the only way to tell is to start doing it.)

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Hobbes : "Let me know if you win."