Visual Cognition Demonstrations

This page contains demonstrations of various experiments conducted by members of the Yale Perception & Cognition Laboratory. Except where otherwise noted, these demonstrations are provided as either .mov or (more recently) .mp4 files, which can be downloaded or viewed directly in most web-browsers. These movies may a bit large and choppy, but they should be sufficient to illustrate the basic manipulations. If you have any trouble viewing the movies, downloading them and then playing them from your local hard-drive may help. Note that some movies must be 'looped' in order to be effective. As highly compressed versions of the original stimuli constructed for demonstration purposes, these movies may not preserve the precise spatial and temporal characteristics of the originals. The full references for the papers cited below in the brief descriptions can be found on the 'Papers' page.

(Note that this page contains demonstrations from our own lab's research. If you're looking for a more general resource for neat vision demonstrations, try this.)

Motion-Induced Blindness

Inattentional Blindness & Change Blindness

Multiple Object Tracking

Perceiving Causality and Agency

The Tunnel Effect

Object Files and Object Reviewing

Other Demonstrations and Stimuli

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