Demonstrations: Object Files and Object Reviewing
This page contains links to stimuli and movies relating to our recent experiments on the nature of 'object file' representations, as studied with the object-reviewing paradigm.

Are objects required for object files?
Gao, T., & Scholl, B. J. (2010). Are objects required for object-files?: Roles of segmentation and spatiotemporal continuity in computing object persistence. Visual Cognition, 18(1), 82-109.

Object files during 'bouncing vs. streaming' displays
Mitroff, S. R., Scholl, B. J., & Wynn, K. (2005). The Relationship Between Object Files and Conscious Perception. Cognition, 96(1), 67-92.

Object files and cohesion violations
Mitroff, S. R., Scholl, B. J., & Wynn, K. (2004). Divide and Conquer: How object files adapt when an object splits into two. Psychological Science, 15(6), 420-425.