Online Parsing of Objects and Groups during MIB
Here are some demonstrations of the various phenomena and manipulations discussed in the following paper:
Mitroff, S. R., & Scholl, B. J. (2005). Forming and updating object representations without awareness: Evidence from motion-induced blindness. Vision Research, 45(8), 961-967
The visual system must parse incoming input into discrete units, but it has proven difficult to determine when and how this occurs. Here you can view demonstrations of how we have shown that both object and group representations can be formed, disrupted, and updated without awareness. We demonstrated this by exploiting the phenomenon of motion-induced blindness (MIB), wherein salient and attended objects will fluctuate into and out of conscious awareness when superimposed onto certain global moving patterns.

You can experience these effects for yourself by downloading and running a demonstration application.  
To use this application, you must be using a Macintosh that can run OS 9 either natively or via 'Classic' emulation from OS X.

Instructions for Using Application
1. Download and read these instructions carefully.
2. Download the (now ancient!) application by clicking here.
3. Decompress the application archive with a tool such as (the now ancient!) Stuffit Expander.
4. Double-click the resulting application (which will be called "MIB_OnlineParsing Application").
5. Follow the instructions to experience the effects!